Thank you for your interest in my caretaking and property management services.

I have dedicated 40 years of my professional life to construction trades, having built many homes from foundation to rooftop on the Vineyard and on Cape Cod, you may view some of these homes in my portfolio, along with hundreds of other projects both big and small. I have a thorough knowledge of local permitting and building codes, the electrical and plumbing trades, as well as interior and exterior design and layout. I am well established in the community and have access to a strong network of professionals.

Vineyard homes are exposed to extreme weather and a salty atmosphere. If you are looking for an informed and watchful eye to assist in the regular maitenance and upkeep of your Vineyard home throughout the calendar year to ensure longevity and value- I will be here to assist!

If you are interested in hiring a private home care-taker or want to learn more about the services I provide, please browse through my website. And of course I am happy to discuss your needs via email, phone, or personal consult.

Best Regards,

Glenn E Johnson